The Wet Spot Tropical Fish

4310 NE Hancock
Portland, OR 97213

I had just gone to the wet spoton12/27/13 to take back a 20 dollar gift certificate. Just to have them laugh and tell me I can't return that basically forcing me to spend money at their store. I don't want to spend any money right now I don't need any fish they have pore customer service and a very very bad return policy. I have a hundred gallon tank and have spent a few hundred dollars there just to get treated like a dead fish flushed down the toilet.
Scott Varenas 13:02:42 12/27/2013


I just had recently gone to the wet spot 12 /27/13 to take back a gift certificate for $20 that I did not want and they laughed at me and said you can't take back a gift certificate. I felt forced to spend money at their store they turned there noses up and told me bye . I plan on going back and talking to there owner like that's going to do any good but I won't be shopping at their store anymore .
Scott V 11:31:46 12/27/2013


I live in Florida and I buy my fish here at the Wet spot here in Portland, cus I know the fish here are all healthy and are always there for me if I have a question, never had a problem with any of their fish,The Wet spot is my favorite store!!!
Elie 13:07:15 10/05/2011


i have never been into the store, but they were able to lead me down the right path to treating my sick fish....more than the other stores did for me. i will be utilizing them in the future from here on out. you haters can stick to petco...hahaha

Brandon Rogers 15:16:14 6/30/2011


They have lots of different kinds of fish and probably face little competition from other stores. The tanks appear clean from the outside. Nevertheless, we have decided to never deal with them again.

As others have stated, the current staff is not well-informed and misleading in some cases.

They provide no guarantee for more expensive fish and tend to blame the buyer rather than themselves when a purchased fish dies.

If you have a question, expect to wait several weeks (email or phone) before they answer.

They are inflexible regarding their policies, even with customers who have spent thousands of dollars at their store.

Doug Derryberry 19:13:38 11/15/2010


Horrible customer service. They all stood around and never offered help!!
They all looked like they were on a downer trip and could careless about customer service.
Saddens me....
Bob Willis 09:02:40 7/02/2010


Despite all complaints about the clerks being rude I found that they are very nice to me. Three different workers helped me (2 guys, 1 lady) and answered all my questions in regard to keeping a whiptail catfish. Even helped me out to my car with my driftwood and bags of substrate. I'll definately be back again.
H.O. 13:31:54 4/19/2010


Despite all the reviews saying the staff are rude and snobby, I've found them to be quite friendly. I'm new to the hobby, but they aren't condescending to me. In fact, last time I was there I noticed one of the salesgirls patiently helping an obnoxious mother buying a fish for her toddler. It would have been easy to be snotty in that situation, but instead, she was helpful, and steered them towards some suitable choices.
I do get the feeling that they might be working on commission, but as long as they're friendly and informative, i don't really care.

Oh yeah, the fish selection is amazing and the tanks are always pristine.
Jessica Rabbit 20:03:56 7/30/2008


Staff sucks there was a lady that was very dam rude to me. I didn't really like it and I just left the store. THEY will never receive my business again.
Fish4ever 21:39:04 8/17/2007


Despite the beatiful selection and well kept store, the staff is rude and looks down upon the mere recreational fishkeeper. I have never been treated worse at the dozens of LFS's I have visited. I will never go there again
RP 05:07:39 5/17/2007


Six Fish!!!!!!!!
This is the best FW store I have ever seen, granted I'm not from a metropolis, but I have never seen anything like it ever. Planning to come back to Portland to visit a few more stores.
Staff were very knowledgable, and spent an hour or more helping ME, even though the store is fairly busy. While i was being helped by the manager, she fielded two phone calls to help customers with problems they were having with their tanks, and gladly offered sound advice for any question i posed.
I found many fish here that I had been searching for a long time in my home town, and others I'd never even heard of. Prices were competitive, and I was also able to find some hard goods I haven't found at home. Awesome selection of aquatic plants, as well as the cleanest tanks and healthiest fish I've seen. For a store with this kind of selection and this many tanks, I didn't see one quarantined tank not for sale because of sick fish, I saw only one tank not for sale, and it was new shipment under observation. Didn't see one fish in the store I wouldn't buy!!!!!!!
Only downside i could think of was no SW whatsoever, but for a store like this that's almost an upside, then they can do their job better.

Isaiah Furrow 19:05:42 3/27/2007


excellent selection. everything was healthy. but i waited forever to get what i wanted. and frankly i was treated like i didnt know anything.

but still with that kind of selection. i will go back
J 12:50:16 2/21/2007


Excellent selection of freshwater fish.
Staff really knows their stuff! Andrea is my favorite!
Robyn Adams 05:05:41 3/09/2006


Great selection of freshwater fish, including lot's of cichlids - although very expensive in this area. This store is often busy and you have to wait which is expected. The RUDE staff however is always an unpleasent surprise. I've seen people walk out angry at the way they have been treated. Doesn't seem that the owner cares much though.
Ben 23:19:15 12/29/2005


Great selection, amazing fish & plants, snotty staff.
Steve 19:17:56 5/29/2005


Great fish! Best tanks I've seen around town in regards to the unusual. Very knowledgeable staff, though a little rough around the edges sometimes. The best times to go is during the work week first thing when they open. Staff will warm up quicker to you then.
fishpimp 10:15:53 2/15/2005


Great store, great prices on supplies. Good plant selection, great tanks. They sell lots of young fish so you can watch 'em grow! Staff is great once you get to know them. Prices are a bit more than my other favorite store, but I've bought both fish and plants here, and love to stop buy to browse often!
antong 09:25:10 2/14/2005


I have always loved this place-I won't buy fish in the Portland area from anyone else!

The staff are experts, the store is beautifully maintained (cleanest tanks outside a biology lab), the fish are healthy (or they will not sell them), and they have an additional location where they breed many of their fish (mainly cichlids). They also have a nice selection of true aquariumn plants.

The downsides to the Wet Spot are few but can throw new aquarists. The staff is a bit snobby about their knowledge and are quick to make you feel like an idiot when you don't know as much as they do. Expect to wait for service, as they usually have two or three people to serve 10-20 customers. Due to their high volumn of customers, don't expect them to show much interest in hearing about your aquariumn (unless you have something extra-special).

Still, the best place in town!
Kestrel 09:47:21 2/12/2005


oh ya! nirvana baybay. its all here. plus stuff u never heard of. i luv the scientific names used. prices are over my pay grade, but u get what u pay for! i cant say enough about the selection or staff. last i was there everyone was up on their fish. i if u have never been here it is a must see. i suggest going in on a lunch break or 7 pm as it is less crowded. ask to see the bernie show! the giant clown loach in the back tank used to do tricks and made it onto channel 6 news. i kid u not!
fishboi 01:21:07 11/08/2004


Great fish, great plants, clean tanks! One drawback: you may have to wait for service. We've had to wait up to 45 minutes to get fish, and we knew what we wanted.
dd 07:22:02 8/04/2004


The staff here are very knowledable. They carry lots of weird fish you've probably never even heard of at very fair prices. Their tanks are always clean and never over crowded. My favorite fish store!!!
R.G. 22:21:57 8/03/2004