RJ'S Aquarium

3224 Hebron Road
Hebron, OH 43025
(740) 928-2913

can we order fish?
DJ 18:58:07 12/10/2013



These are the nicest people I have ever meet.
I have a had an aquarium for the last 9 years, salt for the last 3. It really comes down to you doing your homework, sure they can tell you what to do but it's your money, don't expect just to walk in buy some fish, throw the in a tank and live happily ever after.

I bought any fish from them with great success

Jason Russell 09:21:37 10/14/2013


to all of you that have been going there for years i have worked for pam and dick off and on for years by the way its not husban and wife. it brother and sister. you can find better prices on filters online some where but if it takes a crap you got to do alot of work to get a new one shipped back to you. at rj's you dont need to worry about that they will swap it out. they will treat you the same as you treat them. for the ppl that wine about the fish death in 24 hours even i would say. your falt! i sold up to $7k a day when i worked there and you have ppl that always think they knows more lol then you have ppl that cant listen to a dam thing you tell them. all fish tanks have ick if you want it gone raise the temp in the tank above 84 rj's wont tell you but all of the tanks they have run 86 and up to 90 it keeps the fish on the move and ick off. if you are going to get new fish. get your water checked first it will save your fish if you would like to ask me ANYTHING about your tank or fish e-mail me. taylor_4_mayor@ymail.com
bill 08:25:07 12/06/2012


RJ's is a great place to go! so far i have gotten all of my fish from there and some of my live rock. only complaint i have had so far was aptasia but all places have it.

cant beat their prices i got 2 black percula clowns for a total of 60 and other places sell them 69-70 a fish. sometimes their isnt alot of selection of inverts but oh well.
david 19:01:01 10/04/2012


I Always try to buy local. So I bought a pond pump and UV lite from Bonnie and Clyde. Paid more than I could have bought it anywhere else, trying to "help the independent" right ? WRONG ! It quit after less than 6mo. use ! Even though it has a 3 Year Warranty. In so many words, they said tuff. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE THEIVES !!!!
ML 20:18:30 9/01/2012


Always have healthy fish and prices are excellent. The people are very knowledgeable and happy to help with any questions. They don't crowd you like other stores. No guarantee on fish though, but I've never had one die on me yet from here! I won't go anywhere else as long as I'm around here.
Audra 10:28:13 7/26/2012


Very nice people and fish are excellent! We have been going there for almost 5 years for different things. Can't beat their prices either :)
Shannon 08:35:22 2/22/2012


Well I've bought 2 pictus catfish, an albino frog, and 2 of these little orange fish about the size of a red eye tetra I cant remember cuz I cant read there handwriting on the signs they write themselves. It was a new tank I'm new to caretaking of fish so it was foolish to buy so many when the tank was so young. They're all still alive until now. All of a sudden I have 2 Rosey Bark fish die and 1 of those orange ones die that I bought from him (they have blue fins if anyone can name it for me please). I take my water sample there she says ph level little high and nitrate is high thats just cuz the tank is cycling. I go to the pet supplies plus on 21st street newark ohio the lady tells me I have a 50% death rate of water in my tank. WTF where did that come from. Today the other Rosey fish died. sigh. I've done a 50% water change today like she said got a lot of crap out the water has cleared. I also drained some water while I was refilling it. Anyone got an idea of what the heck happened? Please dont call me stupid cuz I know your probly right. I cant get any neon tetras now since I got those pictus cuz they ate my other ones over night while I was sleeping. And they wont die. They're invulnerable I swear so I may give them for adoption.
Chris 17:27:01 10/17/2011


Prices are good, but owner is very nice until you have a complaint of a 60.00 fish die in 24 hours and he will not even offer ANYTHING. My tank has been established for a year, I have 6 fish in it, 125.00 gallon reef tank. No illness at all. I bought a pb tang, was questioning, they said oh no,, air bubbles. I got the fish home, aclimated it to my tank waterput it in my QT 24 hours later, teh fish was covered in ICH. of course they aern't open saturday evening or sunday at all, so I called them Monday and he denied it from the start. Not very good customer service. I know they have a sign that says no garauntee on fish. but come on,, 24 hours.... A freind also bought 5 fish from him and had the same issue. I bought 2 Clarkii clowns from him also,, both died... He gets no more chances from me, I advise you to be extremely cuatious IF you even buy there.
ycity 13:12:28 10/03/2011


i never been there but my friend said the same thing everyone else is saying u get the best price for your money and the owners are very frendly . i will be going there in the near future cont on it.
chris king 12:54:44 7/21/2011


I personally will never return. I live an hour away and I needed to trade a psuedochromis who was attacking my other fish. Called the store to ask if they were interested and the wife told me "sure we can do that". Spent an 2 hours tearing down my reef to catch this fish Drove the hour and the gentleman said "yeah I don't think we can do that". When his wife said "oh I told him we would" he said "nah, I don't think so". Worst service I've ever gotten! Will drive further to nicer stores who have their stuff together
AprilB 14:31:10 4/05/2011


This place is great! Friendly owners that know what they are talking about and lots of supplies. I highly recommend this store.
Casey W. 07:06:48 3/13/2011


I used to visit years ago in the old store. I recently found myself near Hebron and stopped by. Very nice owners and great prices. I will start making the trip to get new fish.
J. Funk 17:08:48 2/13/2011


Wonderful people, never pushy or asking 1000 questions like other fish sales people. They're helpful, friendly, know what they're talking about and treat each customer with respect and kindness.
Margie 09:24:19 1/22/2011


Yes everyone above is correct. They have the best fish for the price, and Never try to just MAKE A SALE, My family has been going there for years, and now I have had my chance to go there, its the best place to go, try it out
Ron Rice 14:56:33 11/12/2010


I also agree, they are such nice people and are always going the extra step to help you with whatever you need. They always recognise you and are eager to make your visit the best it can be!
Cody S 15:22:58 8/06/2010


Everyone above is right on! Very nice owners that have the customers needs in mind. Everything is priced very well. Good location.
Jordan 21:41:03 12/21/2009


the owners of rj's are really nice. they have a great selection of fish and all the fish are very nicely priced.
they arent like most pet store/fish stores, they dont try to sell you stuff you dont need.

very good people and i am on my way there right now.. ;)
belinda 09:48:58 6/12/2009


JB is correct. They are extremely nice, very helpfull, and have great prices. I recently purchased a 125 gallon tank from them and they did everything n their power to ensure my fish survived, even knocking down prices a little more just to helpon chemical i need to purchase. Im also in a wheelchair and even though it is "home based" it was completly accessable. I will never go anywhere else!
Shane M. Rich 09:27:19 2/15/2009


Some of the nicest people I have ever been around. Dealing with them for over 20 years. Small store, friendly service, great prices.
JB 08:22:13 1/15/2009