O Street Aquarium

3000 O St
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 455-6782
O Street Aquarium.com
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

They have a decent selection of fresh and saltwater. They do reel you in by telling you if you buy everything to set up your tank from them, they will give you a discount. When it comes to the discount the parents ring you up and tell you the son was wrong there is no discount even when the bill is $400 ish.. When inquiring about a price make sure you double check, live rock was quoted as one price and rung up as another. They did give me the $2.oo a pound discount to make it the price quoted and tried to tell me that was my discount for the package. deal. Unfortunately it didn't even amount to 5%, that wasn't the discount that had been implied...
Sue 20:23:17 12/02/2008


Great selection of fish and coral with very reasonable prices on everything from supplies to live stock. Service is cool and the boss is fun to chat with to.
David 12:17:41 3/26/2008


I am reviewing the freshwater selection only.

There are about 75 tanks of freshwater fish, and most are bread-and-butter staple fish. The tanks are clean and fairly well maintained, I have seen little evidence of disease in them. The prices are reasonable.

Staff are knowledgeable for the most part, but some of the (family?) staff are poorly informed. The store is small, so there is not a huge selection of dry goods, but the prices are not bad.

I stop by and check it out when I am in the area, but since I am generally looking for oddball fish, I rarely find anything to buy there. Worth a look.
Jon 07:17:52 3/11/2008


Way too hot, please turn on the AC.
can you guys turn on the lights so I can look at the corals?
Jack 21:55:12 8/06/2007


Great selection of freshwater fish, though the tanks are a little crowded. Decent selection of salt water fish and they also have a couple of reef tanks. They have some great deals on tanks and combo deals with tanks and stands. Very helpful and knowledgable staff.
Sophie 15:24:55 8/15/2004