7 Seas Tropical Fish

5472 E Del Amo Blvd
Long Beach, CA
(562) 421-9519

I think this store is now closed.
Clumsy Bob 08:19:38 11/23/2010


This is the worst store ever, anyone looking for a nice fish store in Long Beach should stay away from this dump. go to strictly fish their facilitys are much cleaner but the prices their are so high its outrageous.
Randy 00:09:36 5/10/2009


Went there today looking for Discus. I didn't want to interrupt his TV time. But the place wasn't good. To much dead stock. One whole tank was dead. I wouldn't buy any stock from this store. I asked if the four Discus were paired and he said yes. It turned out after watching for a while that one was just a bully keeping the other three in the corner.
Harley 16:43:09 2/24/2009


I don't know what all these people are talking about smells, but they all posted around the same time so maybe that's why. I went to seven seas yesterday, and it is rather small and cramped, but the fish looked good. Some oscars looked a little hungary (but anyone that has had an oscar knows they can eat anytime!) I got a few jewel cichlids. The prices were good compared to anyone else in the area which topped out at almost 10 bucks a fish. The guys that worked there were a big help also.
Scott 09:01:11 1/04/2009


VERY bad!!
I went there today and of course, it stunk bad.
As I was holding my breath, walking through the store, I found the goldfish I was looking for.
There were about 8 dead goldfish in that first tank I saw.
I believe it was the manager I told and he went over and scopped some out and put them in a plastic container, not bothering to see if some were still alive (I saw some upside down but still moving). There were more he didn't bother to get. The next two tanks ALSO had dead fish!!
I have heard bad reviews of this store and a few years ago they told me it would be okay to get a small suckerfish and goldfish to put in a bowl.
I was young (like 11?) and I didn't really know anything about them unfortunately. They both died within 2 days.
Don't support this store please!
It is clear they do not care about their fish.
Fish deserve the best of care, along with any other animal, even if they are just "5 cents"!
karyssa 22:34:32 3/10/2008


I have to agree with the previous poster. I may never go ack again. It looked in really bad shape, they had one coral tank with few pieces. They store helpers were nice too bad they don't have anything good to sell. Parking was easy but could get hard towards happy hour as there is a bar in the same strip mall.
anonymous 15:19:29 3/09/2008


This place was just plain disgusting. When we first stepped in, I immediately noticed the smell. You can't help but smell it! It stinks!! Poor fishies!! And the place was VERY dirty! If a store doesn't even care enough to clean up their displays a little bit, I'm scared to think what torture they may put their fish through. Let's not forget to mention the health of the fish... dull in color, sickly, and some missing eyes!!

Just do yourself a favor... STAY AWAY!!! I recommend you check out "All About Fish" in Long Beach or "Strictly Fish" in Lakewood instead.
Mel 00:57:26 11/24/2006